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A podcast for skeptics and believers searching for truth about God and the meaning of our existence.

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Oh My God, How Much More Can We Go Through?

Eric Huffman cold-calls listeners from all over the world to find out how they're coping with the coronavirus crisis. Hear their stories of pain and fear, joy and resilience.

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Can Loving “Illegals” Save Our Souls? (Part Two)

By giving refugees from Central America a platform to share their powerful stories of faith, this episode compels us all to walk a mile (or 2,000) in their shoes.

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Can Loving “Illegals” Save Our Souls? (Part One)

On this episode, the Maybe God team travels to El Paso to search for God’s voice in the voices of asylum-seekers and their allies along the border.

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Bonus: Why Does God Make Us Wait?

Maybe God host and Story Houston pastor Eric Huffman tackles some of the biggest questions and doubts we have about prayer.

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Are You Seeing Anyone? (Part Two)

On this episode, a young woman shares the story of how one man's love changed her life forever in the most unexpected way. Their love story left us wondering if we've lost the plot when it comes to dating and relationships.

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Are You Seeing Anyone? (Part One)

On this episode, we explore the wild world of online dating, which empowers singles to accept or reject hundreds of potential mates an hour without ever really seeing them, and we ask the question: with all these choices, why aren’t more people finding The One?

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Should We Get Naked Together?

Renowned psychiatrist and author of The Soul of Shame Dr. Curt Thompson explains what’s happening in our brains when we spend our entire lives concealing who we really are.

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Do Queer People Belong in the Church (Part Two)

Former anti-Christian gay activist David Bennett challenges both the gay and Christian communities on the debate over homosexuality. Plus, Eric Huffman’s take.

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Do Queer People Belong in the Church (Part One)

After 40 years of debate, will the second-largest Protestant denomination in America split over marriage and ordination of queer people?

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Do You Believe in Miracles?

Nashville star Alisa Turner shares her incredibly heartbreaking and hopeful story that inspires her music, including her latest hit song, Miracles.

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Minisode: Chasing Joy

Maybe God host and Story Houston pastor Eric Huffman reveals the power of chasing joy over happiness.

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Can a Skeptic Be Devoted?

Host and pastor Eric Huffman discusses the release of his first book, "40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for the Skeptic".

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Maybe God LIVE #1: The “E” Word

World-renowned scientist Dr. James Tour explains why he puts his professional reputation on the line by rejecting Darwinian theory as the explanation for life as we know it.

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Minisode: Forgiving an Enemy

How do you forgive someone who doesn't feel sorry - especially when they're no longer in your life?

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How do we Rebuild After Life’s Storms? (Harvey Anniversary Part Two)

Astros President Reid Ryan, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, some of Houston's homeless, and a young woman whose life was nearly derailed by drugs talk about the moments that life knocked them flat on their backs.

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Why Did God Flood My City? (Harvey Anniversary Part One)

If God is real, and He cares for us, where was He when our city was drowning?

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Minisode: Meet Jonas Elrod

Jonas Elrod, whose story has been featured by Oprah Winfrey, claims to experience both the physical and spiritual worlds on a daily basis.

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Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part Two)

Part two with the pastor and New York Times best-selling author who’s spent 30 years studying over a thousand near-death claims, and the conclusion of one man’s experience in what he thinks was hell.

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Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part One)

Meet the pastor and New York Times best-selling author who’s spent 30 years studying over a thousand near-death claims, and hear two of the stories that convinced him it’s all real.

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Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part Two)

After nearly a decade of pastoring churches while questioning everything about God, Eric finds his way back to faith on a trip to get away from the life that had him feeling like a fraud.

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Can Faith and Doubt Coexist? (Part One)

Nearly everyone doubts the existence or the goodness of God at some point in life, but what happens when you're a pastor who no longer believes? Hear Eric’s story from Bible Belt religion to atheism.

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Minisode: What’s Up Next in Season 2?

Maybe God host Eric Huffman and producer Julie Mirlicourtois look back at their favorite moments from season one and give listeners a special preview of season two.

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Did God Save the Catfish?

Casey and Dorian’s story of amazing love, devastating pain, and the everlasting Light that's carried them through it all.

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Minisode: Why “The 5 Love Languages” Aren’t Enough

Eric speaks live to a room full of couples at The Story Houston and shares why he thinks "The 5 Love Languages" aren't the main ingredient to saving or restoring your marriage.

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Can God Save a Marriage?

Hear from Eric’s wife, Geovanna, on how God saved their marriage after his season of doubts.

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What Lives Matter?

A raw and honest conversation with Beyonce’s pastor Rudy Rasmus on race and the church.

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Your Sex Questions Answered

Debra Hirsch helps Eric answer listeners’ toughest questions on sex and sexuality.

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Can Sex Bring Us Closer to God?

A no-holds-barred conversation with award-winning author Debra Hirsch on sexuality and the church.

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Can an Artist Really Be an Atheist?

World-renowned street artist Sebastien “Mr. D” Boileau speaks for the first time about his struggles with his childhood religion and the painting that deepened his faith.

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Why Do People Love to Hate Religion?

Eric Huffman and famed secular humanist Bart Campolo talk religion, culture, and morality.

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Bonus: What is Maybe God?

A conversation with Maybe God’s host Eric Huffman and creators Julie Mirlicourtois and Brandon Duke introducing the podcast.

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