About Maybe God

About Maybe God

What do you believe? That we’re here because random things happen in the universe, without reason or cause, and over a span of 14 billion years, life as we know it was bound to just happen . . . eventually? Or maybe there is a purpose. Maybe there is a hidden meaning behind existence. Maybe life isn’t a matter of cosmic chance. Maybe God made us. On this podcast, skeptic-at-heart Eric Huffman of The Story Houston talks to artists, politicians, business moguls, prisoners, theologians, atheists and ordinary people in extraordinary situations to address the questions we all have about life, meaning, and the purpose for our existence. He pushes as hard against religion as he does against secularism in search of the only thing that matters: truth.

Eric Huffman


Eric Huffman is the lead pastor of The Story Houston, host of the Maybe God Podcast, and author of 40 Days of Doubt: Devotions for a Skeptic. After a long journey from Bible Belt religion to atheism and back to Christianity, Eric’s passion is to lead new generations to ask their questions, to doubt their doubts, and to know the truth of God through Jesus Christ. Eric believes we should liberate Jesus from the limitations of religion. Religion is about good behavior and living in fear. Jesus came to give us a better way.

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Julie Mirlicourtois


Julie spent 16 years producing live and taped television programming for CBS News, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and OWN before moving to Houston with her family in 2015.  In addition to creating episodes of Maybe God, she’s the media director at The Story Houston. For most of her life, Julie has been “spiritual but not religious” and never imagined herself working for a church or producing a podcast about God. But after a series of events following her move to Houston, she couldn’t deny God’s existence and His plan for her life.

Aubrey Snider

Sound Engineer

Aubrey is a computer engineer from Houston, TX. He is a jack of all trades type, always taking on new projects and learning new skills. His faith has always kept him active within the Church; he enjoys bringing his technical experience to help in creating effective ministry. He joined The Story Houston in 2017 and has since contributed to the development of the church’s technical and media systems. His work with Maybe God includes tech management, recording, and editing.

Nathan Bonnes

Music supervisor

Nathan is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Corpus Christi, Texas. He moved to Houston to attend Rice University, graduating in 2015 with a bachelors degree in religious studies. Church music has been a passion of his since high school, when he was asked to lead worship for his little christian school’s weekly chapel services. Currently, he balances his time leading the worship program at The Story Houston with performing his original music in bars and venues across Texas. Nathan composed the Maybe God theme song and other original tracks for the podcast.