Are Near-Death Experiences for Real? (Part Two)

What is hell, and why would a loving God send people there forever? In part two of this episode, Maybe God host Eric Huffman continues his conversation with Imagine Heaven author John Burke, who insists that the God of the Bible isn't who most people believe Him to be. We also reveal the dramatic conclusion to Howard Storm's harrowing descent into hell, and introduce you to Crystal McVea, a sexual abuse victim who believed God could never love her...until the day she died and met Him, face to face.

“I’m lying there, and I heard a voice, and it kind of sounded like my voice, but it came out of my chest, not out of my mouth, and said pray to God, and I said I don’t believe in God, and the voice said pray to God, and I said I don’t know how to pray. I don’t pray. And the voice said pray to God.”
-Howard Storm

Part two with the pastor and New York Times best-selling author who’s spent 30 years studying over a thousand near-death claims, and the conclusion of one man’s experience in what he thinks was hell.

Featured Books

Imagine Heaven, John Burke
My Descent Into Death: A Second Chance at Life, Howard Storm